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Download InstantClick

The latest version is 3.1.0, released on 2014/12/25 (Changelog).

Production version
minified + gzipped, 2.7kb
Development version
Full sources, 21kb

Other download options

The latest development version is on GitHub.

Bower: bower install instantclick

Initialize InstantClick

Include InstantClick and initialize it near the end of your pages:

1 2 3 4 5
<script src="instantclick.min.js" data-no-instant></script>
<script data-no-instant>InstantClick.init();</script>

InstantClick is now activated on your website. Read those articles to get a sufficient level of proficiency with InstantClick:

InstantClick isn’t always “plug and play”, you may need to adapt your site. That’s why reading the above articles is mandatory.

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